Saturday, 17 January 2015

Safety First OR Safety Always?

This is a question that requires some good thinking because traditionally, safety has been considered the most important aspect of any job, activity or business. As a matter of fact, there are many companies today who use the cliché 'Safety 1st...Safety 2nd...Safety 3rd! Believe me, as a safety consultant, I am very quick to accept this; of course, you don't expect less! I grew up in my career reading, hearing and discussing this. So many posters, flyers, banners, etc with the bold inscription "Safety First"

I clearly remembered a situation where a production manager remarked, "If Safety is 1st, 2nd and 3rd, then why are we here"? You safety people should just take charge and produce all for us...Of course, we all laughed, but the production man has a point, which the safety team waved aside!

However, looking at reality that beckons on businesses and projects in recent times, I am having a rethink...perhaps you may call this modern safety, but can safety be 1st, 2nd and 3rd? What will be the last? Production? Quality? Just my thoughts though, hence this post.

What do you think should be the cliché ,'? Safety First or Safety Always or Safety First, Last & Always?

Let's get a go at this and make your comments known. We may just be birthing another reality in our modern day management of safety...we have the opportunity to change the way safety is communicated to others...otherwise, confrontations and repulsions won't stop.

I await your comments....enjoy!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Vote Safely

We are in the season of elections in Nigeria and the long awaited 2015 is now here...with anxieties and fears of unknown! There are several reasons to be weary at this time, especially because of what has characterised election years in the history of Nigeria.

Under this discussion, I am focusing strictly on the safety of lives and properties of the voters and the general citizens of Nigeria.

Voting is a fundamental and civic right and we have all been encouraged by various agencies to exercise this right and make our votes count. However, while doing this, we should also be very careful to avoid risks that may come with this exercise. While we are hoping and trusting that the security agencies will ensure that voters are protected from harassment, abuse and violence; it is also a personal safety sense to assess the risks of your polling booth and the surrounding and put in place adequate control measures to reduce the risk and/or mitigate the effects of the risks.

We owe ourselves duties to stay alive and enjoy the opportunities of the new year, 2015. Remember, life is precious and irrespective of the conditions you may think exist around you now, once there is life, there is HOPE!

So Vote Safe, Live Safe and Work Safe!!!