Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Still on Crash Helmets

Live from the city of Lagos!!!!!

Now, i believe this is a joke!!!!
But you never can tell...this is Nigeria!
The various types, shapes and quality of crash helmets on nigeria roads these days leave nothing to doubt about the strength of our ingenuity. I call it the will to survive! The onus is therefore on everyone to ensure its own safety as we have always done in many other instances. We can only hope that the responsible agency will rise to the challenge and enforce not just the use of any type of 'calabash' and 'gourds' as crash helmets but the acceptable and safe ones. This is a laudable crusade to entrench safety into the fabrics of our society and the truth is 'more lives will be protected and preserved from the consequences of road crashes' if correctly enforced.

Crash Helmet - You can't beat this ingenuity!!!

PPE such as crash helmet is desogned to offer some forms of protection to the users against identifed hazards. I recently saw these pictures and was alarmed!!! This must only be a joke...or what do you think?