Saturday, 5 January 2008

This is year 2008 - You're Welcome!

Welcome to 2008!
It’s such a great mercy of God to be alive today and be part of 2008. God is faithful!
This is welcoming you to year 2008, the most rewarding and productive year you have ever seen – I’m very sure of this and if you are a Nigerian, you have got to believe this even more because a new Nigeria is emerging; the Nigeria of your dream! Check this out at
Starting out is a very good feat, but more importantly, is finishing what you have started! In other words, it’s good starting year 2008, but it will be the best, finishing it and of course many more years.
A lot of factors will determine this goal – the primary being God! However, there are several others which largely depend on you – your desires, decisions and determinations to live and work responsibly and safely!
There are several choices you will make this year, but remember that you are a product of your choices. What you get is what you sow – period! I am sure many resolutions have been made in 2008 and you know them all. May I advice that you also make an absolute resolution to live healthy and work safely in 2008. This is definitely possible!
You cannot afford to be on the fence or be neutral in this. "You do not need to decide for accident; it will occur unless you decide for safety." The default is for things to go wrong. You have a part to play to ensure things go right in your house, workplace and the society at large. It’s your responsibility!
Once again, have a healthy and safe 2008!
Safety isn’t costly, it’s priceless!

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