Friday, 21 May 2010


The theme of this seminar/workshop is "Building a successful occupational health, safety and environment (HSE) career." The HSE profession is gradually gaining acceptance and recognition in Nigeria and this field is a goldmine because the statistics and records show that the present number of HSE professionals in Nigeria is far below the minimum required to take up the available roles and opportunities. This is more important especially now that we are embracing new technology and ways of doing things in all aspects of our socio-economic and political development. This program will among all other things, create a platform for dissemination of up-to-date information on the required processes to achieving competence in the field. Leading industry HSE experts will anchor the program and it promises to be a great time of discoveries and capacity building for all participants.

VENUE: Centre for Management Development (CMD)
Auditorium 3, Management Village
Shangisha, Magodo
Lagos State
DATE: Saturday August 28th, 2010
TIME: 12.00 Noon - 5.00 PM

The Vision/Program Objective
The developments and advancements taking place in Nigeria in the last ten years give a bright ray of hope that this nation will soon take her rightful place in the committee of nations as a great icon. There are various positive changes taking place all around us in government, technology, education, health, sports, to mention but a few. Part of these changes also involves evolvement of new careers and employment opportunities for the citizens of the country. We have witnessed new career opportunities and benefits in the oil and gas, telecommunications, manufacturing, banking, education, sports and entertainment.

However, in spite of all these new opportunities for gainful employment, there are still large percentages of Nigerians who are in the employment market even with good education. It is a known fact that some careers in the country have become over saturated and as a result have left a lot of people unemployed. It is also true that there are some others that have less than required number of personnel and as these needs continue to grow, influx of expatriates into the country to fill these positions will not end. The main reason for this among others could be the lack of competent Nigerians to fill these positions.

It is therefore important at this stage of our national growth and development to explore some of these career opportunities that have need for qualified and competent personnel. It is my desire, dream and vision that unemployment rates in Nigeria will be reduced as people embrace a career with so much benefits and potential, yet relatively unknown; not only for the individuals but for the country as a whole. I also see a Nigeria where there is value for life and reduction of incidents to the citizen in their homes, workplaces and the general society where they interact. This is the time to do and make things happen and create the Nigeria that we all desire. This is the background for this career development seminar with the theme ‘Building A Successful Career in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE).’

The purpose of this seminar is to provide in-depth information about the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) profession that would assist anyone considering a career in this challenging but rewarding field. Many countries of the world have started the HSE journey earlier than us, but we can begin NOW in Nigeria and prepare for the harvest that is already available. Leading industry professionals in the field of HSE will be attending this seminar to help chart a path and provide useful directions to all participants on how to become qualified and competent persons with required skills for the workplace in Nigeria

It is my believe that this seminar will provide a platform to contribute our quota to the emergence of the Nigeria of our dreams; where:
1. there will be gainful employment opportunities for Nigerians in the field of HSE
2. safety, good welfare and occupational health of Nigerians will become a priority
3. environmentally safe practices will be embraced

Thank You.

Dapo Omolade

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