Monday, 18 November 2013


The truth is that every day you wake up, there are a thousand and one reasons not to get out of bed, a thousand and one reasons not to go to work, a thousand and one reasons not to keep that appointment…and the list goes on and on.

For every potential success, there are a thousand and one excuses.

The choice is yours; you can either choose not to make excuses and take your giant strides or conveniently dwell on the excuses and face the consequences.George Washington stated that 99% of failures come from people who have the habit of making excuses; the reason is not far-fetched as they give several reasons for leaving undone what they should have done to attain success.

Funny enough, excuses are excuses whether legitimate or not. At this point, I think it is expedient that I define what the word EXCUSE means. The free dictionary defines it as 1. an explanation offered to justify or obtain forgiveness… 2. a reason for not fulfilling an obligation.

The story is told of three dogs of different sizes running down the street, along the way the smallest one tripped and fell but it immediately jumped back to its feet and caught up with the other two and even left one behind.
Now let’s analyze the situation properly- how easy and convenient it would have been for the little dog to wallow in self-pity under the excuse of “I tripped and fell” but no, it dusted itself up and even outran one of the other dogs that seemed to be leading earlier.

Does this sound like you? Remember, the universe does not leave any room for vacuum, there’s nothing like stagnation, it is either you’re moving forward or backward.
There’s no time to waste, no room for excuses…

You have postponed that article for too long; You have found enough excuses for not writing that test for too long; that project has not seen the light of the day; you have blamed your parents, the government and even God so much; your degrees and those professional qualifications have been deferred for too long; and success and gainful employment have eluded you for so long…all because of EXCUSES!

Would you get certified today or still hide under another excuse? Don’t forget that those who wait for the right time to do anything never get anything done.

Hybrid Consulting Limited, an approved training Centre for CIEH (UK), IOSH (UK), BSC (UK) and PMI (USA) and in partnership with CCS Training UK for NEBOSH is offering opportunities for GRADUATES AND PROFESSIONALS of all  disciplines to acquire HSE  and project management knowledge and skills to enhance their employability in the industry. As part of our contribution to your dream of securing rewarding jobs, through these certifications we offer some of our courses at almost 50% discount to fresh graduates and NYSC members.

The opportunity you have been waiting for is here. Take hold of the future now!

See you at the Top!!!

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