Sunday, 21 December 2014

Safety in Nigeria - A Need for Legislative Framework

The year 2014 has been a challenging year for Nigeria as a country, with several issues especially security and economies. However, we rejoice in the unity of the country as well as the hope of a better 2015.

The desire of many of us for 2015 goes far beyond the current issues including the election taking place in the first quarter of 2015. For us as safety practitioners and professionals, we are looking forward to 2015 and trusting it will be a year of improved government attention to the issues of safety  and general security of her citizens.

The welfare of Nigerian workers and citizens at large is not just a fundamental right, but also an indicator of our development as a nation. The Nigeria government vision of being one of the world's greatest economy in the nearest future has amongst the indicators, the welfare and safety of the citizens. The UN and ILO has made this categorically clear!

It is therefore wisdom and responsibility for the government to consider establishing a robust safety legislative structure to ensure that the workers are protected from the risks of work. The bill to achieve this has been in the house of assembly for sometimes now and there is no better time and season than now to pass this bill and enforce its implementation.

We can no longer conitinue to assume that development will occur in Nigeria while we maim and kill our productive citizens all in the name of work....the right to work and live is fundamental and government must protect this. A good number of our people have been sacrificed under the pretence of work, but in 2015, it is our hope that this will no longer  be the case.

Nigerians deserve good living standards coupled with safety of lives and property...let's make this happen as a government.

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