Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Safety Requires Effort!

While it may be true that safety is common sense and every one desires to be in a state of safety, happenings around us and researches have shown that there is a great deal of hard work to enjoy and experience safety. It therefore requires concerted efforts and energy to achieve safety goals and objectives at home, road and the general workplaces.

This required effort is the missing link that makes safety elusive to humans and the society. While we all desire and crave for a safe workplace and society, how many have counted the cost of achieving this? If it costs you something to achieve your goals and objectives in life, safety as a goal can only be achieved when the right commitment is provided. This cuts across all aspects of corporate and individual structures.

Safety as natural as it may sound, requires planned and strategic efforts! Structures and systems must be put in place to include all indices that will help in achieving the goals of safety. These indices include money, personnel, facilities, resources, knowledge and skills, willingness, etc. Most corporate entities understand this and consciously develop and implement systems to ensure that their operations are controlled and managed to reduce the effects on persons, environment, assets and productions.  However, individuals have not come to appreciate this, and so leave their safety and that of their families to some other factors, known and unknown including government and society.

It is an known cliche that safety is everyone responsibility. We all say it, sing it, mouth it, etc; but it does not appear we understand the meaning of the statement. Simply put, you are responsible for your safety and the of others around you. So, be responsible, and work out your own safety (and that of others) with committed effort and hard work. The anticipated gains are more than worth it.

So. let's go for it...plan and actualise your safety goals...with concerted and determined efforts. It pays!

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