Friday, 21 December 2007

Festive Season Safety and Security Tips

Top tips to help you have a safe and enjoyable festive season
Christmas is a time for celebration and we want to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves but unfortunately it is also a busy time for burglars and thieves.
The following precautions, if taken, could mean a lot of differences between life and .....!

Be alert to the possibility of a thief snatching your handbag or mobile phone.
• Don't keep all your money in one place.
• Don't leave gifts inside the car for all to see, take them with you or lock them in the boot out of sight.
• Be vigilant around ATM machines when taking out cash. Consider using your switch card and getting cash back.
• When parking your car, park in a well-lit area and/or in an attended car park.
• In the home, don't leave Christmas presents for all to see.
• When going out – ensure doors and windows are locked and secured.
• Never leave car keys and handbags downstairs at night.
• Identify all callers at the door – if in doubt – keep them out.
• Don't keep Christmas cash in the house – use Banks, Building Societies or Post Offices.

In addition to this, I would also ask people to remember a few vital points on a night out or at a Christmas party:

If you are going to drink, drink responsibly.
• Plan your journey home in advance.
• Stay in well lit areas.
• Don't become separated from your friends.
• Never accept a drink from someone you don't know.
• Always have enough money to get yourself home.
• Don't walk through areas you are unsure of.
• Never drink and drive.

On a last note, Have a fun-filled celebration and remember to make a firm commitment to be part of year's a choice you have to make...consciously!

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