Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Lagos State Security Emergency Numbers

There is no denying the facts that Lagos state is setting the pace for other states in Nigeria to follow in several ways. If you have been out of Lagos state in the last two years, then you will definitely be overtly surprised by the new face of Lagos. These changes are particularly worthy of note considering the facts that many of us have lost faith in the Nigerian states and since we cannot do anything immediate about the situations, we just withdraw into our cocoons and hope that one day, things will look different…what an irony!

Part of these obvious changes is the improvement in security awareness and control in the states. A drive round town especially in the night says the story of how we all will desire the whole of Nigeria looks like. The lighting system is unbelievable...even with the epileptic supply of power from our national power grids. This you will agree with me is an important security control system as the hoodlums and other night urchins no longer have places to hide in dark alleys, under bridges, motor parks, and the likes.

In addition to this, the Lagos state emergency management parastatal in partnership with the Nigerian Police recently published some numbers for prompt responses to security issues and emergencies in Lagos state. This is laudable because in many countries of the world today, the mobile telephones have become an important tool in emergency management and after eight years of mobile telephony revolution in Nigeria, it is not too early to start enjoying same benefits.

I gave these numbers to a couple of friends recently to save in their mobile phones but as expected, some doubted the reality and workability of these services. I understand the reason for their doubts...anybody who have been in Nigeria for a while will probably be as pessimistic about such services as they were. However, it appears it is the done of a new era in Lagos and loosing out of such benefits just because we can't believe it is not good for anyone... remember that the only permanent thing in life itself is change.

My advice therefore, as stated in the attached picture, is to have it handy and ready to use whenever the need arises. The survival of yourself, family, colleagues, and others may just depend on it. You loose nothing having them saved on your phones but may loose too much if you don't have them at all. Like I always say, the choice is yours but making the right choice is not just common sense but knowledge through accurate information.

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