Monday, 30 November 2009


Heroism is a rarely used word in many societies and the actions that qualify one as a hero can vary and also may be very subjective. while in some cultures, taking a risk is an act of heroism, in some others, being brave and daring automatically qualifies one as a hero. Worst still, in some known regions of the world, the only symbol of heroism is death. Little wonder in such places, lives really do not matter a thing.

As a senior friend will always remark, "all heroes are dead and to be one, you must lay your life down..." Dear friends, in our part of the world, especially in Nigeria, death is a serious thing and until recently, suicide was a NO NO to us. Our heroism will have to come through other forms of activities and actions but not intentional death. However, in this same Nigeria, when you see some actions and activities being performed by people during play, work, or whatsoever, you have to argue very seriously with yourself and finally agree that this is a suicide mission perceived otherwise.

Now let's get thinking; how would you describe the actions of this man in this picture? Suicidal or heroic! Perhaps bravery and daring! Well, I will tell you without being sarcastic that this is a suicide attempt and in a society where lives matter, charges ought to be filed against such a person for attempting to kill himself. But can you imagine what the bystanders and perhaps, other family members will be saying about this person...your guess is as correct as mine!

You may however be thinking again now (as would be expected) that perhaps this is not real...a possible photoshop or computer manipulation. Well, I have news for you if this is your thought now.
There are many more risky and (very highly risky) actions that people carry out today all in the name of work. I have personally seen so many that i have stopped counting and I am sure, a good number of people have seen worst cases of unsafe acts and at-risk behaviours. Sometimes, you need to take a good look at your surrounding and see what people do described as work and you will agree with me that this picture here could actually be a child's play to what you will observe.

Work has never meant death or suicide in any dictionary and definitely it is not the same. We work to improve our lives and this objective can only be achieved when people work safely, giving room to be a ble to work another day. This man is probably working or trying to perform a task but you and I know this is not right...a work is only done well if it is done safely.

Let us take this message to our society and preach the good news of safety...if it not safe, don't do it because there is always a time to do right and safe.

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